Early Look: The Lionheart Is Kidnapped In Mad Cave Studios’ ‘Nottingham’ #6

by Brendan M. Allen

Mad Cave Studios has revealed an early look at Nottingham #6, dropping April 06, 2022 from writer David Hazan, line artist Shane Connery Volk, color artist Luca Romano, and letterer Justin Birch

‘When Richard the Lionheart is kidnapped and ransomed by Holy Roman Emperor Henry VI, Everard Blackthorne, the Sheriff of Nottingham, is strong armed into delivering the ransom and bringing the King home, on penalty of death. 

The treacherous Prince John and his ally, King Phillip of France, will stop at nothing to ensure Richard remains in captivity, so the Sheriff finds the unlikeliest of allies in none other than Robin Hood and the Merry Men. With Robin and the Sheriff away, Marian hatches her own devious plan to take back Nottingham.’

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