Creator Confessions: The Power Of A Thank You

by Frank Martin

Something that might seem obvious but that is easy to forget as a creator is that you are never entitled someone’s money. Even a customer that has been supportive of you for years is not required to buy anything new from you. That in and of itself is not a tremendously valuable lesson to learn, but on the flip side, it’s an easy way to discover the power of a thank you.

Even some of the biggest stars on earth show their support and appreciation for fans. They may send out blasts on social media or talk to a large crowd in order to say thanks all at once. They have to do things this way simply because it’s impossible to individually express gratitude to millions and sometimes even billions of people all across the world. But personalized thank you’s are much more manageable for indie comic creators, especially those who are just starting out.

New Kickstarter creators that are eagerly watching the pledges come in are able to actually track individual backers. They can check their backer report and see the new names. There is even a little counter that shows how many messages have been sent to that person. With these tools, it’s easy to just click on a name and send a personal thank you, expressing gratitude for someone to depart with their precious dollars for something that you’ve created. Again, it all depends on the scope and size of your customer base. But if it’s small and manageable, there are ways to tweak and individualize messages to let the backers know that you didn’t just copy and paste a generic thank you. This doesn’t have to be done. It’s certainly possible to have a successful campaign in the long run without applying this tactic, but a thank you is very powerful in developing a bond and relationship between creator and fan that can have huge ramifications.

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