Webcomic Weekly: ‘Our Coven’ By Kelleye Perdue

by Richard Bruton

Webcomic Weekly – sometimes managing the weekly bit, always managing the webcomic bit – something online for your viewing pleasure every time. This week, Our Coven by Peroroh…

Peroroh/Kellye Perdue is a storyboard artist, character designer, and illustrator whose Our Coven is up online on Twitter and available as a pay-what-you-like PDF over at Ko-Fi here. You can find links to all her stuff here. Peroroh’s latest comic is Oh Deer and came out on 1st October as part of the Shortbox Comics Fair.

Our Coven is described as being ‘about two childhood friends reconnect at a party and come to terms with their relationship.’


Our Coven is a little magical adventure all about peer pressure and friendship, where Aisha and Micah find time to reconnect at a party that’s meant to be all about Aisha finally joining the coven that she’s always dreamed about. Problem is, Micah’s never been too good at magic. Can their friendship survive the pressures of growing up?

It’s so simply lovely, in all the best meanings of that word. Something that manages so much in just a few pages, something that manages to be gentle and delightful, whilst always coming across as absolutely real (even with the magical aspects) and honest about relationships and how it feels to be young.

In short, it’s just wonderful comics-making from Peroroh that’s such a sweet read.


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