Kickstarting Comics: Avery Hill Publishing’s 2023 Spring Line Looks Fabulous

by Richard Bruton

Avery Hill Publishing have never let me down with the quality of their books – and their Spring 2023 lineup doesn’t look like it’s going to disappoint. But they need your help getting them over the Kickstarter funding line!

Avery Hill Publishing, who’ve got an incredible record of finding and nurturing top comics talent that you may not have heard of quite yet but are sure to love once you read them, moved across to a Kickstarter funding strategy a while back. It’s done with the intention of providing more much-needed cash to the creatives involved.

Now, a while ago they announced the latest campaign would include Pet Peeves by Nicole Goux, Macbeth by K Briggs, and Big Ugly by Ellice Weaver. And we covered all of those books right here at Comicon. Because, as I’ve said many times, I haven’t really met an Avery Hill Publishing book I didn’t think was a damn good thing yet. And I’ve met plenty that I’ve absolutely loved.

The new campaign for the three spring 2023 books is running right now and finishes on 18th November 2022. You know the drill – go clickety-click and go give them your cash.

From Pet Peeves by Nicole Goux

As you’d expect, there’s several tiers, books, and bundles that can be added to your pledge as bonus items, plus the chance to add on original art by K. Briggs from Macbeth.

There are five books available to add on to your pledge – all of them rather excellent – Ellice Weaver’s first Avery Hill book Something City, two very recent releases, Suzanne by Tom Humberstone and Sennen by Shanti Rai, plus copies of Zoe Thorogood’s The Impending Blindness of Billie Scott or Tillie Walden’s On a Sunbeam.

K. Briggs’ original art from Macbeth – offered as one of the tiers of the Kickstarter

Another option is three Avery Hill bundles – The Minicomics Bundle, The All-Ages Bundle, and the Ismyre Complete Set – again, a great selection of great comics here.

The Minicomics Bundle contains: Goatherded by Charlo Frade, A Projection by Seekan Hui, Parsley Girl – Carrots by Matthew Swan, Buttertubs by Donya Todd, and Grey Area – Our Town by Tim Bird.

The All Ages Set contains: The Beginner’s Guide to Being Outside by Gill Hatcher, The Rabbit by Rachael Smith, Maleficium by Edie OP and the aforementioned Parsley Girl – Carrots by Matthew Swan.

The Ismyre complete set comprises all four books in B. Mure‘s fantasy series: Ismyre, Terrible Means, The Tower in the Sea, and Methods of Dying.

Big Ugly by Ellice Weaver

“It’s one of the most exciting lineups we’ve ever had, with a strong group of books that are all wildly different but totally complimentary and true to the things that Avery Hill prides ourselves on; exciting new talent, strong storytelling and stunning and innovative artwork.

Nicole Goux is a bright up-and-coming star of both the indie and superhero scenes and long been on our list of creators that we wanted to work with. Briggs we’ve been talking to about various projects for years and finally managed to find the right one in this astonishing adaptation of one of the great texts of world literature. Finally, we’ve been trying to lure Ellice back into the comics world for some time and have been blown away by every page she’s delivered; if you don’t know her work, you’re about to discover your new favourite artist.” – Commissioning editor Ricky Miller

The Avery Hill Spring 2023 Kickstarter is live right now. It runs until 18th November.

Go and fund three rather great books – Pet Peeves by Nicole Goux, Macbeth by K Briggs, and Big Ugly by Ellice Weaver.

Now, a little about the books…

Pet Peeves by Nicole Goux

The debut solo graphic novel from Eisner-nominated author Nicole Goux takes us down a horror route, exploring the struggles of a young artist – haunted not only by debt and society, but by more sinister (though adorable) canine forces.

Bobbie’s life is going nowhere fast. She’s working at a bar, wanting to play music but never having the time or energy. The only bright spot is her dog – always cheerful, always cuddly, and always there for her.

As the relentless day-in, day-out of work piles up, music and roommates and social plans begin to seem less and less important as Bobbie struggles to make rent and have any time to be creative.

The only thing she has time for outside her job is her dog . . . and her dog is going to do everything he can to keep it that way.


Macbeth by K. Briggs

Macbeth sees K. Briggs complete their adaptation of Shakespeare’s dark and bloody masterpiece… an early portion of which won the Graphic Shakespeare Competition in 2016.

Faithful to the original text, Briggs’ graphic novel adaptation promises a lavish new interpretation.

When three witches prophecy to Macbeth that he will one day become the King of Scotland, an epic of unhappiness, treachery, and blood begins. Macbeth and Lady Macbeth’s ambitions lead to an ever-growing path of murder as Macbeth grows ever-closer to the throne. But where will it all end? Only with death – and with madness.

Influenced by the witches and magic of Macbeth, K. Briggs’s lush new graphic novel rendition of the classic provides a new interpretation of the Scottish play. Briggs, as a Shakespeare reader (and performer) from age twelve, brings their lifelong love of the Bard to this work.


Big Ugly by Ellice Weaver

And finally, the third of the three Avery Hill books sees Ellice Walker’s Big Ugly, her second with Avery Hill, following on from her 2017 debut Something City.

In Big Ugly, Walker promises a powerful story of contemporary life with a tale of two siblings renewing their relationship in adulthood.

When Mel offers the spare room in her apartment to her struggling brother, everything she loves and hates about wanting to live up to the expectations of her family becomes part of her every day again.

It turns out that even as adults, living with your sibling brings back the dynamics of tween rivalries. As Mel tries to rebalance things with her brother, she navigates how to offer help to someone who doesn’t want to need it.

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