Kraven the Hunter’s Origins Revealed: Previewing ‘Spider-Man: The Lost Hunt’ #1

by Olly MacNamee
Cover by: Ryan Brown

Written by: J. M. DeMatteis
Art by: Eder Messias, Belardino Brabo, Cris Peter, Neeraj Menon

“THE ORIGINS OF KRAVEN FINALLY REVEALED! J.M. DeMatteis continues to spin new webs within the past, this time partnered with artist Eder Messias! Revealing secrets and answering mysteries Spidey fans have been waiting for—prepare to explore the depths of what made Kraven the Hunter the powerhouse villain he was! As PETER PARKER and MARY JANE prepare for their new lives in Portland, a man from Kraven’s past stalks them. Who is this mystery man, and what does he want with SPIDER-MAN? Find out when we return to the time period after SPIDER-MAN: THE FINAL ADVENTURE when Peter Parker was POWERLESS!”

Spider-Man: The Lost Hunt #1 is out Wednesday 9th November from Marvel

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