TV Review: ‘Titans’ Season 4, Episode 6

by Frank Martin

One of the keys in creating a superhero story is forming strong relationships between the hero and villain. They don’t have to be strangers, and if the hero and villain have some sort of connection, it makes the drama of their conflict all the more meaningful. This past week’s episode of Titans really showcased just what’s in store as Sebastian (Joseph Morgan) finally took a turn towards villainy.

It’s not surprising that when Sebastian went with Mother Mayhem (Franka Potente) at the end of last episode, this one had the Titans planning to get him back. And though Sebastian was smirking as he left last week, he didn’t jump right into being a villain. Mayhem coerced him by showing off his past and offering him a future. Also this week, we we see Connor (Joshua Orpin) devolve into his Lex Luthor form in the wake of overcoming his curse. Also, hints were dropped about Beast Boy’s (Ryan Potter) visions and Raven (Teagan Croft) getting her powers back. And that’s before we get to the possibly shocking death in the closing moments!

All in all, this might have been the best episode of the season. It was lacking in action, as there was only one fight towards the end, but it truly set the stage for the second half of the season. The story, wisely, had Sebastian under the care of the Titans. He formed relationships with all of them. However, he also had his own issues and insecurities, mainly stemming from his upbringing and life. Becoming a villain for him is tragic, and seeing him go up against the Titans in episodes to come will surely be filled with emotions. And this doesn’t even take into account Connor’s characterization, which explains a lot of his actions during the past couple episodes as he’s having an identity crisis of his own. This episode is great superhero storytelling all around.

Titans streams Thursdays on HBO Max.

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