TV Review: ‘Wednesday’ Season 1, Episode 4

by Frank Martin

In a streaming world filled with so much content, it is easy for shows to get lost in what they are trying to accomplish. It’s not enough to just make a show that’s one genre anymore. It can’t just be a murder mystery, or a horror, or a comedy … it has to be a combination of things that checks off many different boxes to satisfy audience’s growing expectations. Wednesday tries to do this, too. But unlike many shows, it is successful because it has a consistent tone that it takes to all of its many different aspects — from macabre comedy to criminal mystery.

This touching on many different genres is evident in Episode 4 as it juggles many different plot lines at once. Wednesday (Jenna Ortega) continues her investigation into the monster murders by following Xavier (Percy Hynes White). It turns out, he’s been obsessing about the monster and has been drawing it. Wednesday doesn’t necessarily believe him and collects evidence to bring to the sheriff (Jamie McShane), who she wants to share intel with. Meanwhile, there’s a school dance that Wednesday reluctantly attends and performs a hilarious dance iconic of her character. Unfortunately, the dance ends in mayhem as normies from the town fire off sprinklers with red blood.

It’s possible for a show to be a murder mystery without being an investigative mystery. It’s especially easy to do that if the characters are high school students without any detective backgrounds. However, Wednesday has shown herself to be even more capable than the sheriff. This means that the show has become a bona fide detective show while also being a dark comedy and a high school drama. Yet, the lighthearted tone it takes to all of these different plots should be commended. It makes for a seamless transition from one plot and character to the next. It’s certainly possible that the show can fall off towards the end, but so far, the journey to get there has been enjoyable.

Wednesday is now streaming on Netflix.

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