The Comicon Advent Calendar 2022: Day 19 – Daredevil’s Christmas Snow

by Richard Bruton

Welcome, welcome one and all to another Comicon Advent Calendar entry… today it’s from Marvel Fanfare #1 in 1982, Roger McKenzie and Paul Smith with a seasonal Daredevil

So, time for a little mulled wine or a hot chocolate (with marshmallows of course), enjoy the loveliest time of year and settle back to another Christmas comic…

It’s Christmas on the Upper West Side and Lewis has thrown on the Santa suit, just like he does every year, and brings a little light to a dark and raises that little bit of money for the needy kids of the neighbourhood. Except that this year, poor Lewis’ measly collection is considered enough to do this to him…

Meanwhile, Matt Murdoch knows that something’s wrong, he used to love Lewis’ Santa as a kid and knows he wouldn’t fail to show up for his annual appearance at the Handicapped Children’s Hospice.

So off he goes to track down first poor Lewis, a shattered man who can’t face the kids this year, then to the goons who robbed him, and finally to their boss.

But not before we get an unfortunate bit of terrible ‘street’ writing going on – okay, it was the early 80s, but the scene with DD confronting the junkies has to be some of the most cringeworthy dialogue you’ll ever read, epitomised by ‘that’s jive, bro’.

Although, to be honest, McKenzie does rather overdo it all, it’s all so much of it’s time and there’s no way you’re going to miss the ending, seeing as it’s not so much flagged up and announced from the first with fireworks and explosions.

But anyway, once DD tracks down the drug dealer boss, there’s a bit of an accident and Mr boss drug dealer falls off a roof, carrying a big briefcase full of cash (of course he does), letting DD do the tortured hero bit…

He deserved to pay for the agony he’d willingly supplied others… but not like that. Never like that.

Thanks for that DD, glad you got to spell that one out for the audience there.

And then, because you know it’s coming, because it’s a Christmas story that opened with Lewis losing the money for the kids…

But still, whilst it might be very Marvel – heavy on the moralising, dialogue as leaden as a church’s roof, and an ending that you can see coming a mile off… it’s still got that lovely Paul Smith artwork and, well, it is Christmas, so I’m going to be charitable and just put it out here as a Christmas tale to enjoy despite the flaws.

Now, it’s getting closer to the big day for you, but spare a thought for those less fortunate… here’s the details for a few organisations that will be grateful for your help or your donations this year…

UK – donate or volunteer – ShelterCrisisSt Mungos.

USA – donate or volunteer – Covenant HouseNational Coalition for the Homeless.

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