‘Wakanda’ #3 Preview – Spotlighting Killmonger

by Olly MacNamee
Cover by: Mateus Manhanini

Written by: Ho Che Anderson, Evan Narcisse
Art by: Sean Damien Hill, Natacha Bustos, Andrew Dalhouse

“The spotlight on great characters who have defined Wakanda continues, taking us back in time into the heart of KILLMONGER! A haunting story that explores his earliest days under the thumb of Ulysses Klaw, and the early foundations of the man who will one day bear a scar for each of his kills… Plus, the third chapter of Evan Narcisse and Natacha Bustos’ History of the Black Panthers, focusing on the mysterious Nehanda as she bands together with the Medieval Avengers!”

Wakanda #3 is out Wednesday 21st December from Marvel

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