Marking Black History Month – Previewing ‘DC Power: A Celebration’ #1

by Olly MacNamee

Writer: Evan Narcisse, Lamont Magee, Stephanie Williams, Brandon Thomas, Dorado Quick & Jordan Clark, Morgan Hampton, Chuck Brown, John Ridley
Artist: Darryl Banks, Chriscross, Alitha Martinez, Natacha Bustos, Clayton Henry, Valentine De Landro, Petterson Oliveira, Olivier Coipel
Colours: Hi-Fi, Wil Quintana, Alex Guimaraes, Marcelo Maiolo, Marissa Louise, DJ Chavis
Letters: Andworld Design

“First there was DC Pride and DC Festival of Heroes; now it’s time to celebrate Black History Month!

Cyborg, John Stewart, Aqualad, Kid Flash, Batwing, Vixen, Amazing-Man, and more take center stage to highlight the power of Black excellence across the DC Universe, in stories from a variety of comics’ finest Black artists and writers!”

DC Power: A Celebration #1 is out Tuesday 31st January from DC Comics


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