‘The King of Fighters Allstar’ Debuts XV Iori and XV Shun’ei And More In Latest Update

by Gary Catig

One of the leading developers of popular mobile games, Netmarble, recently released their latest update to The King of Fighters Allstar. The action role-playing game is receiving additional characters, battle cards, and several in-game events.

The two newest fighters to join up are XV Iori and XV Shun’ei. The former features a leader skill that raises [Extreme] fighters’ ATK and Critical DMG. In addition, his active skill grants strong charging capability, while his special skill raises allies’ ATK by a certain rate. The latter has a leader skill that raises [Green Element] fighters’ ATK and Critical DMG by a certain level. His ability lowers Active Skill Cooldown for a period and also lowers all enemies’ DEF upon landing a Basic Attack.

Along with XV lori and XV Shun’ei come their respective battle cards. After utilizing a skill, XV Iori Special Card raises Critical DMG for a period while XV Shun’ei Special Card raises ATK Speed for a certain time. There will be new battle cards for other fighters as well.

The latest in-game events and special rewards include:

  • Rush Dungeon: I’m a Producer?: Players can complete multiple stages of various difficulties featuring stories of Hotaru and Shun’ei striving to be the best musician and acquire event coins that can be used to exchange items.
  • Challenge Dungeon: Sonata of Fate and Envy: The dungeon will be available when the players obtain either XV Iori or XV Shun’ei. Those who complete each stage can acquire many rewards including Event Dice, BS/SS Fighter Memory Random Box, etc.
  • EX Event Codex: Power up XV Iori and XV Shun’ei fighters obtained during the event period and complete missions to obtain various rewards, which includes a EX Core Board Reset Item and the Prime Memory Shard of XV Iori and XV Shun’ei.

The King of Fighters Allstar is now available for download from the App Store and Google Play.

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