Review: ‘Avengers Forever’ #14 Is Big On Action, But Thin On Plot Development

by Olly MacNamee


As an assortment of superheroes take on an army of Doctor Dooms, Avengers Forever #14, decides that expanding the size of the threat can make up for a stretch-out storyline. This feels that an issue that simply sets up the threat to be played out in the next instalment rather than an issue that adds much to an otherwise enjoyable saga from Jason Aaron and Jim Towe.


With the identity of the Prime Avenger revealed and the threat of a multiverse of Doctor Dooms attacking, the high thrills and spills of this epic endgame to Jason Aaron’s superhero saga continue to roll on. But, maybe with less excitement as we get a further issue of fighting, albeit with some humble and amazed narrative from a powerless Steve Rogers. One of the inmates we met previously. But, still up for the fight. Because he’s Steve Rogers. He’d never duck out of a fight, no matter the odds and even without the powers he is in awe of, and that surround him on all sides. 

As the issue progresses, so too does the size of the threats as Aaron raising the bar by bringing on even more powerful and enormous characters on both sides. But, whether this translates to a great issue is debatable. Not with this being the seventh issue in this longwinded narrative. Yes, it does have its moments – Aaron really captures that All-American, never say never attitude that makes Steve Rogers a hero to the core, but by simply ramping up the threat levels, in strength and stature, doesn’t feel too clever. It may am at blockbuster sized action, but this reader was not overtly impressed. And with further chapters to come, one can’t help feeling this is being stretched out rather thinly now. 

Jim Towe’s slick styles artwork, however, is another story. His continued presence as the secondary artist on this series continues to be a gold standard as he interprets the various characters from across the multiverse with a timeless style that reminded me of Ty Templeton. An artist who with just a few economic brushstrokes can capture the mood of a scene and the stance of a character. And, with so much battling going on, he’s certainly tested with presenting each panel of each scene with great gusto, energy and panache. It certainly keeps any fatigue possibly felt by the reader at bay. 

Avengers Forever #14 isn’t a bad issue, it’s just not as great as other instalments in this story. While I am sure there are more twists and turns to come, this issue does’t really have anything to add other than a moment of tragedy that reminds us that wars are not fought without casualties. Even in the world of comics it would seem.

Avengers Forever #14 is out now from Marvel Comics

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