‘Star Wars: The Bad Batch’ Season Two, Episode Eleven Review

by Frank Martin

One of the great things about Star Wars is the depth of the mythology it can pull from. Even if a fan is not 100% informed on the characters and history, it can still be used as inspiration to further the storyline. Star Wars: The Bad Batch is a perfect example of this as it combines many different elements from past Star Wars stories. Obviously, the clones are important alongside the emerging Imperial politics. In the case of this week’s episode, that means a creature that played a part in early seasons of Star Wars: The Clone Wars comes back to become an important aspect of where the show is headed in the future.

The story also dealt with ramifications from last week as the Bad Batch (Dee Bradley Baker) no longer trust Cid (Rhea Perlman) even as she sends them on a salvage mission. When they arrive at the coordinates she sent, the team discovered the wrecked ship had technology from Camino on it. To make matters worse: whatever it was transporting broke free. It turns out that it was a modified clone of a Zillo Beast, a creature that originally appeared in The Clone Wars. The monster grew to gigantic proportions before the Empire scooped it up and then erased all evidence of the incident.

This episode was great not just because it called back to a Clone Wars episode, but because its set up a whole new storyline involving the Empire and cloning. Right now, the seeming disappearance of clones and cloning later in the timeline is a loose plot thread that The Bad Batch is building upon. Eventually, it will need to come together with the show’s other storylines. It’s unclear exactly how it all will play out, even if it is obvious that the clones will eventually lose in the long run. But that doesn’t necessarily matter as the stories are still immensely entertaining.

Star Wars: The Bad Batch streams Wednesdays on Disney+

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