Give Yourself ‘Goosebumps’ Courtesy Of Humble Bundle & Scholastic

by Tony Thornley

Just about every child of the 1990’s remember the first time they were spooked by infamous R.L. Stine creations Slappy the Dummy or Werewolf of Fever Swamp. Now thanks to Scholastic and Humble Bundle, you can pick up a mixture of classics and a bit more unknown Goosebumps novels and donate some money to charity.

The bundle includes 31 novels from across the entire Goosebumps franchise from RL Stine for $18. You can also pick up smaller bundles for $10 and $1.

For more than 30 years, R. L. Stine has been scaring and delighting young minds with his iconic Goosebumps series. Now, readers of all ages can discover the monsters, mysteries, and malevolent ventriloquist dummies that sparked the imaginations—and haunted the dreams—of generations in The Ghost Next Door, Let’s Get Invisible!, It Came from Beneath the Sink!, and more. Get a treasury of over 30 ebooks, and help support Active Minds with your purchase!

Active Minds is the nation’s leading nonprofit promoting mental health for young adults ages 14-24. Their focus is on changing the culture around mental health, by changing the way we talk about, care for, and value mental health in our lives and in our communities. They’re best known for their National Chapter Network at high schools and universities, an iconic Send Silence Packing suicide-prevention exhibit, Active Minds Speakers, and their new @Work corporate programs. More details on Active Minds can be found here.

The bundle runs through March 24th at midnight and is for US residents only. You can find it here, and get the bundle now.

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