‘Willow’ Showrunner Clarifies Series’ Demise; Says Program Will Continue

by Erik Amaya

Willow showrunner Jon Kasdan took to Twitter late Thursday night to reveal reports of its demise are exaggerated .. sort of.

In a three-part letter, he revealed a decision was made to release the actors from their contracts because the series would not return to production in the next 12 months, a consequence of Disney’s response to the economic downturn, but scripts for what he calls “Volume II” are in the process of being completed for a time when production is more advantageous for the company.

Teasing events of the upcoming story, he said Volume II is about “courage, desire, acceptance, and the comedy and beauty to be found in even the darkest places and moments.” Enemies — both within and without — must be confronted and, as is always true of Willow, friendship is key to that fight.

Citing series like Party Down, Atlanta, and Curb Your Enthusiasm, all known for taking long breaks between seasons, Kasdan said Hollywood always serves the appetites of its consumers no matter how niche. And considering he works for a company that ultimately made a sequel to TRON 25 years after it was released, that belief is within reason.

With Volume II of Willow not mounting production until the latter half of 2024 at the earliest, it seems the adventure will likely continue in the middle of the decade. In terms of story, the first volume (or season) is closed enough to allow that passage of time to be reflected even if one character seems in more immediate peril than the rest. And, indeed, those who waited for the show to be completed can watch the first volume now and get a mostly complete adventure.

The Wyrm survives and Willow will continue.

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