Scott Nybakken Joins Dynamite Entertainment As Director Of Marketing

by Erik Amaya

A new name joins the Dynamite Entertainment team: Scott Nybakken.

The company announced Tuesday that the veteran of DC Comics and The Comics Journal will serve as director of marketing under Vice President of Sales and Marketing Alan Payne and alongside Director of Sales Vince Letterio and Marketing Coordinator Vincent Faust.

Scott’s resume speaks for itself, and we are very fortunate that he’s coming on board and adding his experience to our company and our growth,” Dynamite CEO Nick Barrucci said in a statement.

Nybakken added, “I’m very excited to be joining the Dynamite team — I’ve known Nick Barrucci from the earliest days of Dynamic Forces, and right from the start I’ve seen that he and Dynamite have published some of the best books in the business,” said Nybakken. “Now I’ve finally got the chance to make sure that everyone else on the planet knows it as well!”

At DC, Nybakken helped build the company’s standard-setting and award-winning graphic novel line, editing over 1,000 titles ranging from the biggest sellers to carefully curated archival projects. He also served as an editor at The Comics Journal and worked with Insight Editions.

Per Dynamite, Nybakken’s duties will include “steering the ship for Dynamite’s monthly solicitations section in Diamond Comics Distributor’s Previews catalog for retailers and fans.” He will also take point on video interviews with Dynamite’s roster of writers and artists as their latest Dynamite titles hit the shelves. The results of those interviews will make their way to the company’s YouTube channel and Instagram and TikTok pages.

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