Review: ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ #22 Answers A Lot Of Questions

by Tony Thornley

A year ago, Peter Parker’s life changed. Now we’re finally getting the story, and Amazing Spider-Man #22 shows that it might now be what we expect.

Zeb Wells, John Romita Jr., Scott Hanna, Marco Menyz, and Joe Caramagna explore the past as it comes back to haunt Peter and MJ.

Pete and MJ have been trapped in a devastated alternate New York, fighting off horrific mystical creatures. But they’ve finally found another human being who might give them hope to find a way home. However, before they leave their prison, they may have to fight a god…

Wells does a few things well here, and a few things… not as much. The story itself isn’t that engaging. I’m not sure why anyone drug this out without any hints or clues as to what went on. A lot of the symbology used is unnecessarily appropriative as well, with ancient Latin American imagery that just doesn’t need to be such.

However, the character writing is great, with Peter and MJ working together pitch perfectly. This is a relationship that’s been missed in this book. Wells also takes the mystical idea of the totems, introduced almost 22 years ago, and gives them a pseudo-scientifc basis that elevates them from “magic” to something that has a certain degree of logic.

Romita and Hanna’s linework is generally pretty strong, but also had its moments. There’s more than one panel in which a human body turns, twists and bends in unnatural ways, and some facial expressions are exaggerated beyond simple artistic license. They do create some fun action scenes, and Peter’s desperation is incredibly realistic, in his body language and facial expressions. Menyz’s colors deepen the art, and makes the strange world Peter and MJ finds themselves on eerie but real.

Caramagna always puts in great work. He plays with some fun special effects, making a few different parts of the story come to life. He also is able to put a lot of information on the page without cluttering and covering the page.

It’s not a perfect issue, but it’s pretty enjoyable. I just hope the team can stick the landing with next issue.

Amazing Spider-Man #22 is available now from Marvel Comics.


Amazing Spider-Man #22 isn’t perfect, but it’s still pretty enjoyable. Hopefully the next issue sticks the landing.

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