Scout Comics’ ‘Charm City’ Blends Witches And Serial Killers In A Strange New Way

by Anton Kromoff

Welcome to the table,

My current home game has a ton of lore dedicated to witches. The regalia of the freedom fighters in the main story threat that has been running for over five years now is that of the wide-brimmed black witch hat and black robes or long dresses and the patron deity of the majority of the players, in one way or another, is a witch herself.

So a story about a serial killer stalking witches caught my attention.

Coming soon from Scout Comics, Charm City sets up a story where a serial killer stalks the streets of modern-day Baltimore. The Baltimore police are baffled when a Ravens cheerleader is found floating in the Inner Harbor with an arcane symbol carved into her corpse. Now only Alyssia Singer, a music blogger at the Baltimore Sun, can unravel the mystery. Why you ask? Because she is a witch herself! Well, an excommunicated one who no longer uses magic. As the bodies pile up, Alyssia has to take up the case and navigate her estranged family and long-buried demons before even more victims fall to the killer’s evil machinations.


Written by Josh Eiserike, with art by Scott Van Domelen, and colors by Lorenzo Palombo, Charm City is sure to be a cult classic.

Josh Eiserike said “Charm City is a longtime passion project of mine and bringing it to life at Scout Comics has been a dream come true! Scout has been an incredible collaborator every step of the way. Everyone I’ve worked with has both supported me in telling this story and contributed to it, making the book better and more special that I could have ever imagined. Charm City is a very personal, very specific story that draws on my love of murder mysteries, my time working as a music journalist and grounded urban fantasy– and Scout has been the perfect place for it!”

You can preorder issue #1 at this link!

Until next time, when confronting demons, always bring pie. Demons love pie.


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