Check Out This Interior Art Reveal For R.L. Stine’s Man-Thing #1 From Marvel

by Staff

If somehow you haven’t heard yet, R.L. Stine of Goosebumps fame is writing the upcoming Man-Thing series from Marvel Comics, arriving in its first issue March 8th. The first issue promises to be “terror on the high seas” and is drawn by German Peralta and Daniel Warren Johnson. Man-Thing is a unique opportunity for Marvel to bring horror to fans, and with the literary horror sensibilities of Stine and the hybrid of indie and mainstream art styles from the artists working on this book, this could be an excellent experience.
Marvel describe issue #1 thus:

Attempting to recreate the formula that produced Captain America, biochemist Ted Sallis was transformed into the shambling creature known only as MAN-THING! Now, having recently regained his ability to speak, Man-Thing sets out on a journey to leave the swamp once and for all. But when an ancient and mysterious danger threatens reality, he will have to choose between his new life and the place he once called home!

First up, we have six covers for Man-Thing #1 by Billy Martin, Francesco Francavilla, John Tyler Christopher, Rom Lim, and Stephanie Hans:

And here’s our four page look at the interiors for issue #1:

Look out for Man-Thing #1 landing on March 8th!

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