Missing The Flash? Enjoy A Giant Telepathic Ape With Rage Issues In The Extended Trailer

by Staff

We had to be content with celebrating Valentine’s Day this week instead of watch The Flash or Legends of Tomorrow on the CW. And it’s still several days before we’ll catch up with Barry Allen and the entire crew again. But when we do, we’re promised a two episode “event” which brings back one of the most popular elements from the show in the past–Grodd, the telepathic ape with a sophisticated degree of intelligence.
The event is not “Planet of the Apes” as the trailer makes clear, but there are forests, apes, and well, the dominance of apes as we head into the land of Grodd-like apes. Well, into Gorilla City, to be exact. And that does promise to be a pretty interesting, almost film-like event for the CW. The Flash in Grodd-land? That’s a film I’d watch.
The extended trailer for this event was released recently by the CW to tide us over. Just put it on repeat and try not to count down the hours:

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