‘Want To Get Nuts? Let’s Get Nuts’ – Supergirl’s Whirlwind Romance In 2.13

by Staff

After a very bumpy past few episodes between Kara and Mon-El, with seemingly endless awkwardness, cold-shouldering, and outright rejection, fans are finally seeing Kara fess up to her conflicted feelings for her fellow alien. But things can’t just be that easy, can they? At least we had that one moment.
Nope. Enter what must be the most distracting thing possible–an interrupting second alien with tons of strange powers who seems to want to sweep Supergirl off her feet or drag her along with his plans if necessary. Fasten your seatbelts for an unprecedentedly strange Valentine’s Day episode from Supergirl on the CW.  Can you say Mr. Mxyzptlk three times fast? We’ll find out if Kara can, presumably while protesting this disturbing turn of events.
Here’s our trailer for next week’s episode, airing on Monday, February 20th:

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