Valiant’s Stalinverse Returns This Week With A Red Rebellion – Preview Issue #3

by Staff

Valiant’s foray into the Stalinverse returns this week, where we find ourselves in a timeline where the Soviet Union overran the world and the USA fell to their rule during the Cold War. Many of our Valiant heroes are re-imagined as loyal servants of the motherland. In issue #3, we’ll see Colin King’s–aka Ninjak’s, continuing investigation into the causes for this timeline and attempts to set things right. Written by Matt Kindt and drawn by Trevor Hairsine, this series is really compelling and runs to four issues in prestige format. Companion one-shots explore the characters of Komandar Bloodshot, follow Shadowman in the Battle of New Stalingrad, explore the life of Aric: Son of the Revolution, and lastly, an Escape from Gulag 396.
Here’s Valiant’s description of this issue:

Red rebellion! Across continents, the world bows to the oppressive and ruthless might of the global Russian regime. Former Russian intelligence officer Colin King, however, knows that this reality is not his own. With the truth on his side, Colin King is about to mount a resistance with aid of the world’s most feared undesirables…and release the classified asset known as Abram Adams from a prison guarded by the CCCP’s greatest super powers. But when Myshka — the divinely powered enforcer of the Soviet Union — comes to crush their uprising, will the man once known as Ninjak live long enough to discover the sinister reason that the Stalinverse came to be?
The truth behind Valiant’s shocking new reality will finally be revealed as New York Times best-selling writer Matt Kindt (X-O Manowar) and blockbuster artist Trevor Hairsine (Divinity II) pull back the iron curtain and reveal the insidious mastermind who will stop at nothing to preserve this twisted world order!

Here are the covers for Stalinverse #3, by Jelena Kevic-Djurdjevik, Tom Muller, Jeffrey Veregge, Greg Smallwood, and Adam Gorham:

And here’s our preview of the interiors on issue #3, out this week:

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