Paul Levitz Sees A New Golden Age Blooming In Comics – Let’s All Support That Vision

by Staff

Paul Levitz, former President of DC Comics, editor, writer, and educator, participated in the livestreaming event  Coast-To-Coast Comic-Con on Saturday, March 4th, and gave the closing keynote speech.  And it was a very interesting and moving speech, which I hope we’ll see a full transcription of at some point.
As noted on Bleeding Cool, his most inspiring direct statement was, “I think we’re in the second Golden Age of comics”.
Speaking of international perceptions of comics, and the ways in which other countries employ the comics medium for every type of genre and reading experience, he of course noted that America doesn’t have the same range in comics production. But we have seen an expansion, pushing slowly forward and outward in terms of variety. Which, hopefully, will also result in a wider range of people working in comics, too.
Levitz encouraged the audience and readers to keep pushing in this direction by financially supporting these new books and directions in comics. He emphasized the adventure inherent in trying new things and the responsibility we hold to make sure comics are full of adventure for readers for years to come.
Thanks, Mr. Levitz, for the great message.

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