Archie Dives Into An All-New Story Arc This Week – Investigating The Blossoms

by Staff

This week, Archie Comics starts a new arc for our title character in Archie #18. Written by Mark Waid, with art by Pete Woods and Jack Morelli, the comic also has some lovely variant covers by Elsa Charretier (whose work on The Unstoppable Wasp Girl you should really check out) and Robert Hack with Kelly Fitzpatrick (whose colors grace many a stunning comic, but particularly check out Shade The Changing Girl).  This issue is also Pete Woods’ first issue with Archie, coming over from his work on Deadpool and Robin.
In this new arc, we follow the Blossom Twins as they uncover a lie about why they have moved to Riverdale and Jughead tries out his gumshoe skills to uncover their family’s darkest secrets.
Here are our covers for issue #18, by Pete Woods, Elsa Charretier, and Robert Hack with Kelly Fitzpatrick:

And here’s a look at some interior pages on Archie #18, out this week:

Also out this week from Archie Comics is the Betty and Veronica Comics Annual #252. If you are a fan of classic Archie, make sure to pick it up:

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