Dark Horse Is Publishing A New Victorian Horror Series In June – The Strange Case Of The Disappearing Man

by Staff

Dark Horse has announced that they’ll be publishing a six issue comic series steeped of Victorian horror starting in June. This series actually follows on from a 2011 comic, The Strange Case of Mr. Hyde, and in like kind is titled: The Strange Case of The Disappearing Man.
As in the original comic, the series is written by Cole Haddon, but a new artist is coming on board, Sebastián Cabrol whose previous work includes Thief: Tales from the City, and Caliban and he is joined by colorist Hernán Cabrera, who also worked on Caliban.

The story features Inspector Adye of Scotland Yard feeling out of step with life following his previous investigations of Edward Hyde and Jack the Ripper. Fortunately, that struggle is interrupted by new quarry when he’s faced with the case of the disappearing man. While investigating this case, Adye encounters an American with strange hedonistic philosophies and falls under his sway, leading him deeper into danger.
Our new Victorian horror series’ first of six issues arrives on June 21st, 2017.

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