Nothing Lasts Forever – Sina Grace’s Chronicle Of Surviving Tough Times Arrives In June

by Staff

Sina Grace has a new memoir on the way from Image Comics, one which chronicles a very difficult recent period in his life, but though the title may sound dour, the book exists, he says, because of the support and positivity of the comics community that he felt during this time.

You may know Grace’s work on the L’il Depressed Boy series and the Self-Obsessed webseries but Nothing Lasts Forever may be his strongest work yet, he says.
Grace explains:

I was working on this book at a time when I had that end of the rope feeling, like I needed to quit comics—everything. Nothing Lasts Forever exists simply because of the encouragement and support I got from my colleagues in the industry telling me, ‘Make this book.’ It’s not an easy journey to read, but it may be my best.

Some of the things that Grace experienced that made their way into this memoir include “heartbreaks, writer’s block, career highs, emotional lows, and the emergence of a mystery illness”. And yet the book purports to be a journey through difficulty as one learns “how to pick up the pieces and find hope when absolutely everything falls apart”. That suggests a different interpretation of the title than you might have initially supposed, actually. Rather than reflecting on the transcience of things, perhaps the title means “This, too, shall pass”.
Nothing Lasts Forever (ISBN: 978-1534301832, Diamond Code MAR170827) will arrive in comic stores on Wednesday, June 7th and bookstores on Tuesday, June 13th. The final order cutoff deadline for comics retailers is Monday, April 24th.

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