Listen To Matt Kindt On The Difficulties And Rewards Of Making Comics

by Staff


A little while back, we ran a piece about Tyler Crook’s podcast presence on Comics Manifest, a platform that seems dedicated to the specifics of making comics. Recently, they sat down with creator Matt Kindt for an equally comics-focused discussion, and this time a creator’s perspective on “breaking in” to comics and the difficulty of the work itself. Sometimes that’s even the difficulty of choosing among potential projects, when there’s so much you want to work on, according to Kindt.
Kindt is a prolific writer and artist in comics, with creator-owned series Mindt MGMT, Ether and Dept. H. from Dark Horse, Grass Kings from Boom! Studios, and several Valiant titles out, including X-O Manowar, and the upcoming Rapture series.
You can also find out more about Comics Manifest right here.
And here’s their podcast with Matt Kindt:

Comics Manifest say:
Matt Kindt joins us today, he has been making comics for a long time and is the creator behind some of the most compelling stories being told today. Including Mind MGMT, Rai, Divinity, and Department H.
During this conversation we talk all about Matt’s history with comics, how a career in art was something he knew he wanted to do, and his mindset when it came to ‘breaking into’ the comics industry.
He goes into detail about his current project Dept. H, collaboration with his wife Sharlene and the piece of advice he would give any and all young people who are interested in a career in comics.

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