All The Recently Released Art For DC’s Upcoming Young Animal Books

by Staff

I was lucky enough to be present in person the Young Animal panel at WonderCon last weekend where editor Jamie S. Rich, curator and writer Gerard Way, and writers Jody Houser, Cecil Castellucci, and Jon Rivera spoke about the books coming up in the line, and a raft of images were revealed to give us an idea of the look and the feel of these works.
You can read the article detailing the panel discussion right here, and here’s a look at each title’s artwork as revealed, too.
For the new title Bug!: The Adventures of Forager, coming up from Michael and Laura Allred:

The Cave Carson Has A Cybernetic Eye #7 variant cover by Robert Hack:

The Cave Carson Has A Cybernetic Eye backup by Mark Russell, with art by Benjamin Dewey:

The Doom Patrol #6 cover by Nick Derington:

The Doom Patrol #6 variant cover by Samplerman:

Mother Panic #5 art by Shawn Crystal:

Mother Panic #7 cover art by John Paul Leon:

Mother Panic #7 interior art by John Paul Leon:

Shade The Changing Girl #7 interior art by Marguerite Sauvage:

Shade The Changing Girl #8 interior art by Marley Zarcone:

Shade The Changing Girl #8 variant cover by Jen Bartel:

That’s a proper Young Animal art gallery for current and upcoming books and introduces us to new artists on cover and interior work. Look out for Doom Patrol, Mother Panic, Shade The Changing Girl, and Bug! as they roll into shops.

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