Preview: Is Eve Finally Free In ‘Eve Stranger’ #5 By Barnett And Bond?

by Olly MacNamee

And so all good thing must come to an end and with the publication of Eve Stranger #5, the first chapter in the story of Black Crown is closed. For now.
Eve Stranger #5 written by David Barnett and illustrated by Phillip Bond, with colors by Eva de la Cruz and letters by Jane Heir, sees the curtain come down on this fun thriller. But, it ain’t over till the fat lady sings. And, while our hero, Eve, seems freed from her mental captivity, there’s one more mission to complete before this tale is told. Here’s your preview of this concluding issue:

After her crisis of faith, Eve wants out of the job. But how can she do that when she has nanobombs in her blood and her life —literally and physically!—depends on completing every mission to earn the deactivating serum? Her latest mission takes her back to Iceland, her home turf, and this time it’s extra personal.  Eve might be down, but she’s not out… can she see this through with a little help from some very strange friends? Find out in the explosive conclusion to EVE STRANGER: RETROGRADE.

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