Occupational Hazards – Watch The Promo For American Gods Episode #2

by Staff

Assuming you saw the first episode of American Gods on Starz last weekend on April 30th, and were floored by the strangeness and great acting of the show, you’re all set for a second episode on Sunday, May 7th.
The first episode of the show based on the novel by Neil Gaiman contained so much information and so much in the way of introducing viewers to character concepts that it would be hard to imagine the second episode being such a juggernaut, but it well might be.
Things were left brutal and confusing at the end of episode #1, and in the lead up to the new episode we see Shadow Moon trying to recover and mentally process everything that’s going on, from the death of his wife, which seems more open-ended than he expected, to Mr. Wednesday’s cryptic plans.
Here’s our promo for American Gods episode #2, “The Secret of Spoon” airing on Starz on May 7th at 9/8c:

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