Fox’s Official Trailer For The Gifted Puts Mutants At The Heart Of A Family Drama

by Staff

The Gifted is a Marvel TV series set to air on  Fox network, perhaps as early as Fall 2017, and it’s set within the X-Men universe but is located far from the graceful halls of Xavier’s school. If anything, the grim and gritty aspects of this new trailer will surprise fans as well as intrigue them since the spotlight is definitely on the dramatic aspect of families coping with teenagers showing increasingly dangerous mutant powers.

Solid dramatic acting seems to already be assured based on this lengthy official trailer, and one in which non-mutant parents may play just as important a role as their powered offspring.
Since the pilot is directed by Brian Singer, many of the themes you might recall from the X-Men films may be cropping up again. As in X-Men: Days of Future Past, the big question of whether mutants ought to be hailed as a threat or a “gift” will be at the center of the drama, even within a family relationship, since key character and father of two mutants, played by Stephen Moyer, seems to be an anti-mutant official.
Here’s our official trailer for the pilot of The Gifted:

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