‘When Hope Dies’ – Do We Dare Look Forward To The Flash Season Finale?

by Staff

The season finale for The Flash is called “The Finish Line”, which is an ambiguous phrase at best. Like many fans, I’ve been watching The Flash since its first episode. Now on the 23rd episode of Season 3, I don’t think I’ve ever been so uncertain of how I feel about the show. Is that harsh? Surely some other fans are feeling the same way.

The show has been high-quality in writing, acting, and special effects, and though some episodes have been more appealing or compelling than others, this season has been hard going with the future death of Iris West storyline. While that’s been very emotionally powerful, it has also sometimes felt like a repetition of dread that didn’t always progress in any particular way, episode by episode.
Now, after the events of last week’s episode, 3.22, which seemed quite unexpected to many fans, myself included, I feel very much on the fence about whether the show has been created lately in order to engage with fans and entertain, or simply to keep us watching in a more cynical way.
I could be wrong–maybe the season finale will turn things around for the show and for me as a viewer. It may well, and I hope it’s a satisfying conclusion to a very harrowing season.
Here’s our understandably emotional promo for The Flash, episode 3.23 “The Finish Line”, airing on Tuesday, May 23rd at 8pm on the CW:

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