DC’s Suicide Squad Black Files Feature Katana And Dark Arts Experts

by Staff

DC Comics will be publishing new mini-series Suicide Squad Black Files in August, written by Mike W. Barr and Jai Nitz with art by Philippe Briones and Scot Eaton, and cover art by Frazer Irving. The mini-series will feature “all-new adventures” with two members of Task Force X and arrive in August.

In one story, “Revenge of Kobra“, Katana faces the “undying hatred” of terrorist Kobra and now she’s being stalked in a “supernatural world” where he seeks to steal her soul.
In a second story, “Suicide Squad Black“, arcane operative Sebastian Faust, has gone rogue and Amanda Waller assembles a special team to track down this dangerous magician.  This “expendable coven of dark arts experts”  includes El Diablo, Enchantress and Gentleman Ghost. Dubbed “Suicide Squad Black”, even the dead aren’t safe from them.
The new #1 arrives in comic shops on August 2nd, 2017, and will be 48 pages priced at $4.99. You can pre-order the comic with Diamond code: JUN170340

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