One More Chance For A Fine Art Edition Of P. Craig Russell’s Jungle Book And Other Stories

by Staff

P. Craig Russell’s Jungle Book and Other Stories already funded on Kickstarter for the creation of a fine art edition expected for delivery in October 2017. And though the project blew past its goal on that campaign, there is a last opportunity to support the book and take part in its creation.

Over on Indiegogo, the book continues funding for 14 more days.
The book will be a 12×17″ oversized hardcover with complete stories scanned from P. Craig Russell’s original art. While the book was originally drawn in black and white, a color scanner has been used to recreate the appearance of the original art as closely as possible, including “blue pencils, notes, art corrections and more”.

Pages are also reproduced at near-original size on heavy paper stock to provide fans with the best possible reproductions. According to the Indiegogo page, the book is being printed by the same printer that IDW uses for their line of oversized Artist’s Edition books, and the book will come in its own fitted carton.
The stories included in the volume are:

  • The King’s Ankus (28 pages)
  • Red Dog (32 pages)
  • Spring Running (27 pages)
  • Siegfried and the Dragon (9 pages)
  • La Sonnambula and the City of Sleep (11 pages)
  • Breakdown on the Starship Remembrance (33 pages)

For more information and a chance to take part in the campaign, visit the book’s Indiegogo page right here.

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