Valiant Announces Creative Team On Harbinger Wars 2 Bringing The Films And Comics Closer Together

by Staff

Today, Valiant has announced the creative team who will work on Harbinger Wars 2, their 2018 crossover event that is set to “reshape the landscape of the entire Valiant Universe”, according to the publisher.
The series will be co-written by Matt Kindt (X-O Manowar, Mind MGMT, Dept. H.) and Eric Heisserer (Secret Weapons, screenwriter of Arrival) and will be illustrated by both Tomas Giorello (X-O Manowar) and Raul Allen (Secret Weapons) and the start date for the crossover has been announced as May 2018.
Valiant are teasing the following character conflicts in the crossover: Livewire vs. Bloodshot, X-O Manowar vs. Harbinger’s Peter Stanchek, with more to come.
The fact that these creative team members are working on the book, the talent on X-O Manowar and Secret Weapons, may suggest that both X-O Manowar and Livewire are going to play a significant role in the Harbinger Wars. Both characters appear in the teasers below, you’ll notice.

Also significant is the timing of this crossover event’s release, only a short few months before Valiant’s first feature film lands, Bloodshot, which is written by Heisserer and directed by Dave Wilson for Sony Pictures. Sony are creating five films with Valiant, starting with Bloodshot, and also including Harbinger (which will also be written by Heisserer), and the film series will eventually lead to an adaptation to the big screen of the original Harbinger Wars storyline.

All of this suggests that the events in the coming Harbinger Wars 2 are going to be intertwined with the Valiant filmic universe and there will be plenty of cross-influencing going on.
Now that we know the creative team on Harbinger Wars 2, it might also be time to look a little more closely at how events are playing out in X-O Manowar and Secret Weapons, too.

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