Dynamite Announces Killer Instinct Comics With Ian Edginton And Cam Adams

by Staff

Dynamite Entertainment will be publishing comics based on the Microsoft video game Killer Instinct and have announced the creative team of Ian Edginton (2000AD, Batman) as writer and Cam Adam (Fallout World) on the series.
This comic springs from a partnership between Dynamite Entertainment and Double Helix Studios, and the new series is slated to launch on September 13th, 2017. 

Here’s an official description of Killer Instinct’s storyline:
The Shadow Lord Gargos has been defeated, but the battle to save humankind from his Astral invasion has taken a terrible toll on the Earth. A sinister new power called the Coven has risen from the ashes, vying with the megacorporation Ultratech to rule the shattered nations. The heroes Kim Wu and Jago-their Astral powers weakened by their devastating war against Gargos-must band together with the scattered remnants of the Night Guard to forge a pathway into the Astral Plane. Here, in the birthplace of The Shadow Lord and The Guardians, festers the secret malevolence that threatens to destroy them all…and enslave the world forever.

Writer Ian Edginton says:

Killer Instinct has a colorful and diverse cast of characters, each with their own rich back-stories and with plenty more tales to tell. The Killer Instinct pantheon effectively comprises a superhero universe and it’s hard not to get overwhelmed with the wealth of riches there is to work with. I’ve structured it to appeal to die-hard Ki fans and those coming to it cold. You won’t need any foreknowledge of the game to enjoy it.

You may know Ian Edginton as the creator of Stickleback, Helium, Kingmaker, Leviathan, Brass Sun, and a contributor to 2000AD.  He has also written for Judge Dredd, Batman, Wolverine, X-Force, Uncanny X-Men, and Stormwatch, as well as Aliens, Predator, Terminator, Star Trek, Star Wars, Planet of the Apes and Doctor Who.

The debut issue of Killer Instinct features a wide selection of cover variants, including the talents of Yildiray Cinar (Teen Titans), Jonathan Lau (Red Sonja), interior artist Cam Adams, and Udon (Streetfighter), respectively. Limited variant editions in “Black & White” and “Virgin” formats are also available as retailer incentives for comic shops.

Killer Instinct #1 will be solicited in Diamond Comic Distributors’ July 2017 Previews catalog and is slated for release in September.

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