Explore A Broken Earth After The Alien Overlords Leave – The Turncoat Collection Arrives This Week

by Staff

This week, a new softcover collection arrives from Boom! Studios gather the series Turncoat, written by Alex Paknadel (Arcadia, Assassin’s Creed) and illustrated by Artyom Trakhanov (Undertow, American Vampire), with colors by Jason Wordie and letters by Colin Bell.

Turncoat is set in a world where 300 years have passed since human beings were subjugated by “Management”, an alien race who now occupies Earth. Two years ago, they abandoned earth and returned to their own world, leaving the human race to pick up the pieces. We follow resistance fighter Marta Gonzales who struggles with guilt over her involvement in a massacre that prompted Management to leave as she resists joining the new human government and starts a detective agency instead.

A missing persons case she encounters sends Gonzales into a confrontation with the past and further into the underworld taking over after the aliens depart.
Here’s our extended preview of the Turncoat softcover:

Turncoat paperback is out this week from Boom! Studios, arriving in shops on Wednesday, June 28th.

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