Denver Comic Con’s Opening Ceremonies Brought Costumes And Comedy

by Hannah Means Shannon


Attending Denver Comic Con’s Opening Ceremonies on the first night of the convention, Friday, June 30th, was entertainment-based as well as educative for fans. First up, we learned more about Pop Culture Classroom, the non-profit which is funded in part by Denver Comic Con and from which the convention sprang and which has reached 6,500 children since its inception. The charity works by establishing after school programs where literacy is encouraged through engaging with comics and kids also learn to create their own comics. Other aspects of the charity involve working with incarcerated adults to establish literacy and creativity as well.

Hosted by Bruce MacIntosh, DCC’s Director of Programming, whose comic-themed jacket and tie were among the most impressive costumes I’ve seen at the show, the Opening Ceremonies were then comedy-driven with some costume humor thrown in.

Comedians Ken Reid (TV Guidance Counselor Podcast) and Sam Adams entertained fans, as well as Aaron Middleton, who stripped down on stage to reveal a skin-tight Aquaman costume that became the stuff of many jokes. The most basic truth was how hard cosplay costumes can be to get in and out of, as evidenced by his inability to zip up his own suit.

Geek comedy has been a tradition at Denver Comic Con for some time, and it’s great to see it continue. Fans were clearly engaged by hearing comedians talk about things familiar to their own pop-culture driven lives and the ironies and difficulties that can come from daily life through the lens of fandom.
These performances were followed by comedy improv by Dork Team, and even a film screening hosted by celebrities, running until 11PM for attendees.

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