Funko Revels In Stranger Things In October And November

by Hannah Means Shannon

We probably should have seen this coming, but with the return of hit Netflix show Stranger Things for a second season in October, Funko are gearing us up with collectibles in October and November that expand on their previous offerings.This will include stylized Funko Pop! Pens, Vynl., & Dorbz.
Those offerings will be:
Eleven, Barb, Dustin, and the Demogorgon Pop! Pen Pens:

Vynl. sets featuring two different dynamic duos from Stranger Things.
Eleven and Barb in one 2-pack, and Lucas and Dustin in another:

Dorbz of Eleven and her friends, Will, Mike, Dustin, and Lucas, rounding out the series is the terrifying Demogorgon. There will be chase pieces including upside down Will, and closed-mouth Demogorgon. Both will have a rarity of 1-in-6.

[Please Note: Final Images Coming Soon.]
An Exclusive Dorb of  Eleven in Benny’s Burger shirt, only at Target:

And Eleven in Hospital Gown only at Hot Topic:

Keep up with Funko to learn when these items land in shops in October and November.

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