Abandoning Both One’s God And Rock Music? Godshaper Shakes Things Up

by Hannah Means Shannon

The next issue of Godshaper arrives this week from Boom! Studios, written by Simon Spurrier, with art by Jonas Goonface, taking us into one of the most innovative series in comics in subject-matter and art style.
Exploring a rockabilly world where technology is stuck in the late 1950’s and little demi-gods are carried around by humans to establish their financial status and power, Godshaper also follows Ennay, an aspirant to rebellious “cantik” rock music, resistant mentor, and friend to a humanless god, Bud.

But just as we’re beginning to understand just how and why both Ennay and Bud are important, and might overturn the status quo, Ennay gets lured away to support a gang that’s been dogging him, the “Cumpa crew”. Both rock music and his little strange god Bud are left in the dust. Is Ennay’s quest for individualism really at an end?
Check out this preview of Godshaper #5, arriving in shops this week on Wednesday, August 16th:

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