Daniel Craig Ends Bond Speculation; Announces One Last James Bond Turn

by Erik Amaya

Just hours after telling interviewers “no decision has been made,” Daniel Craig revealed his continuing 00 status as active on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert Tuesday night.
“I couldn’t be happier,” he told the talk show host. Craig’s decision to return as Bond was one of the more thrilling cliffhangers in the film series fifty-plus year history. During an interview in support for Spectre, Craig infamously told reporters he would rather slash his own wrists than return as Bond for a fifth film. Of course, in the context of the interview, he admitted to an extreme level of fatigue following the film and could not truly make a decision until a long period of rest. EON, the company behind the James Bond films, waited out Craig’s period of rest and relaxation — which included making movies like the upcoming Lucky Logan — but began plannin of the untitled 25th Bond film earlier this year. The even went as far as to announce a 2019 release date last month.

Craig admitted his returned was settled a few months ago, but maintained his need for a rest after Spectre. In reference to his infamous quote, he explained the question was posed to him just two days after completing work on the film. “Instead of saying something with style and grace, I gave a really stupid answer,” he said.
Some, though, never doubted Craig’s return. Even at the time the “slash my own wrists” quote was making headlines, many observed earlier reports that Craig’s contract with EON for Spectre included his participation in a subsequent film; initially planned to be shot back-to-back. A weary Craig laughed when asked about the plan to shoot the two films at once, but never confirmed or denied the nature of his Bond contract. Additionally, EON has never confirmed details of their overall deal with the actor. But there may be some truth to those stories as the actor told Colbert that the upcoming film will likely be his last, adding, “I want to go out on a high note.”
And, honestly, no Bond actor should have Spectre as their last appearance as Bond. Come to think of it, final Bond outings rarely make for good films. Diamonds Are Forever, A View to a Kill and Die Another Day are not remembered fondly, with the latter two precipitating series rethinks of the Bond format. People often forget Timothy Dalton’s second and final film, License to Kill, even exists. Only George Lazenby — by virtue of appearing in one film — got to go out on the high note Craig seeks.
Come to think of it, Craig in a remake of On Her Majesty’s Secret Service would be a brilliant send-off to his version of the character.
The twenty-fifth James Bond film comes to theaters on November 8th, 2019.

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