Kurt Busiek Returns With More Real World Heroics In Batman: Creature Of The Night

by James Ferguson

In 2004, DC Comics published Superman: Secret Identity, a mini-series written by Kurt Busiek and illustrated by Stuart Immonen. It was set in the real world starring a young man named Clark Kent who suddenly discovers he has all of the powers of Superman. This November, the publisher is doing it again with Batman: Creature of the Night. It sounds like a far sadder tale though.

Busiek is once again on writing duties, with artist John Paul Leon illustrating the four-issue prestige format series. It follows Bruce Wainwright, a boy obsessed with Batman in Boston in 1968. He’s forced to confront some very dark places after his parents are murdered following walking in on a robbery. The series is about loss and facing your inner demons. Things get a little crazy when an all-too-familiar caped crusader starts appearing on city streets.
One of the things I absolutely love about the comic book medium is its versatility. You can tell stories of masked vigilantes punching bad guys, alien adventures in space ships, and down-to-earth, personal tales of love, loss, and acceptance. We can look at characters like Batman for inspiration and hope to face another day, even when faced with such a horrible series of events.
Batman: Creature of the Night #1 is set to debut in November 2017.

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