UNBOXING! Marvel: Collector Corps First Appearance Avengers

by Christine Marie Attardo

Ready for some superheroes? This month’s Marvel Collector Corps is themed First Appearance Avengers!

Things started off as fun as always with a trusty patch and pin! I have a Captain America fanatic in my life, so it will be easy to pass along that patch. Personally, I’m more of an Iron Man type of gal.

This month’s T-shirt is one you’re not going to want to rip off! The design is based off of a classic issue of The Incredible Hulk. Pretty snazzy, huh?

Moving forward, everyone’s favorite part of unboxing-s is always the POP! Vinyl collectibles, and I don’t blame you. This month features…

Two fantastic POP!’s. Iron Man taken from the Tales of Suspense #39 comic and Vision taken from the Avenger’s #57 comic. I think that this is another clever edition to the POP! Vinyl universe.
If they start cranking out designs based on specific issues of comics, they will have even more fans lining up to grab them at conventions and subscriptions coming! Once again, I am 100% satisfied with Funko’s products.
Want more information or your own subscription? Head on over to their website. Can’t get enough Funko? Don’t forget…their new headquarters is opening up this weekend!

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