Bruce Adopts The Darkness In Gotham Season 4 Tease

by Erik Amaya

While positioning Gotham as a Thursday night show, FOX‘s new teaser for the show’s fourth season offers a glimpse of Bruce Wayne (David Mazouz) trying a few new crime-fighting identities. And while Alfred (Sean Pertwee) may still think there is a time for Bruce Wayne, Bruce himself may already be done with that identity.

Despite its rocky start, the show found its voice by the beginning of the second season. I may not always agree with it — and creator Bruno Heller’s comments about costumed heroes not working on television certainly didn’t help — but at least it produces interesting ideas like the Oswald/Riddler tension. And now that it is finally pivoting toward the Batman, I’m ready to give it another chance. Especially now that it is no longer scheduled against Supergirl.
Gotham moves to Thursdays on September 21st.

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