Netflix’s Little Evil: A Spooky Comedy

by Christine Marie Attardo

‘Tis the season to turn on the spooky flicks, and Netflix is starting us off with a comedic spin with their new original film, Little EvilThe premise starts off in quite a lovely way as Gary, (Adam Scott) moves in with his new wife Samantha (Evangeline Lilly). The catch? She has a son, Lucas (Owen Atlas) who just might be the Antichrist.

Being a scared-y cat who has just recently became a fan of scary movies, I prepared myself for some jump scares. Don’t worry, there are only a few, and most of them have an immediate funny moment to them. Most of that comedic tone comes from Adam Scott in fact, who makes hilarious facial expressions as he realizes who his new son really is.
The only semi-strange thing about the plot is, the mother is really clueless. She makes light of everything that happens and ignores her new husband’s concerns. In the end though, it all really works out like a good old-fashioned family film. I truly wasn’t expecting a happy ending, and if you watch the first two minutes of the film, you’ll see why.
The outlook seems grim throughout the entire film, but the film takes a positive turn and will leave you smiling. This makes for a nice movie to watch on a Sunday afternoon this Fall.
Check out the trailer below:

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