Blade Runner: Blackout 2022 Depicts Key Moment In Series History

by Erik Amaya

Bridging the gap between Blade Runner and its upcoming sequel, Blade Runner: Blackout 2022 may be the most successful of the Blade Runner short films to date. It depicts a key moment in the world’s history; separating the era of Tyrell Corp Nexus Replicants and those manufactured by Wallace as Blade Runner 2049 begins. Also, it’s directed by Cowboy Bebop creator Shinichiro Watanabe, so it looks great to boot.

Of course, it’s only a short glimpse of what Watanabe could do with earlier periods in the series’ history. That said, portions of it reminded me a great deal of Mahiro Maeda’s Animatrix two-part short, “The Second Renaissance.” But I suppose the similarity in subject matter would tie the two films together. One interesting wrinkle in the plot is the stated notion that Tyrell allowed the Nexus 8 Replicants to live out “natural” lifespans as opposed to the 4-year expectancy of the Nexus 6. Did they burn half as bright, but twice as long? One wonders if we’ll see Nexus 8s in the film.
Blade Runner 2049 opens on October 6th.
(h/t: The Playlist)

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