Justice League / Power Rangers Blends the Best Qualities of Both Teams

by James Ferguson

The Justice League and the Power Rangers are fighting off hordes of Brainiac’s robotic soldiers and an assortment of putties as a giant-sized Alpha 5 battles a huge monster.  The crossover I didn’t know I wanted ends in an epic showdown worthy of both teams. Will the combined forces of the greatest heroes of two worlds be enough to stop the evil of Brainiac and Lord Zedd?

The action is shown on multiple fronts in Justice League / Power Rangers #6.  Most of the team is battling it out in the streets. Meanwhile, Kimberly, Billy, and Cyborg are working on a way to overcome Brainiac’s virus which has taken over their Zords. It’s a mix of brains and brawn that ultimately stops their foes in their tracks.
Seeing Cyborg fight Brainiac’s forces makes me hope the two get to duke it out in a future storyline.  They present a nice opposition to one another that could prove very interesting.

It wouldn’t be a Power Ranger story if there wasn’t a giant robot. Fortunately, the Megazord gets its time to shine against an embiggened Lord Zedd in an epic showdown. The Justice League is sidelined for this portion which is unfortunate. Since we had a kaiju-sized Alpha 5, it would have been cool to see one of the Justice Leaguers grown to that size too in an effort to double team the enemy.
This doesn’t take away from the fight. Any Power Rangers fan will eat this up as it’s beautifully illustrated by Stephen Byrne. Each blow lands with such raw power that you can practically hear the buildings around them tremble. The Megazord has one of the coolest designs in pop culture and seeing it in action takes me right back to fifth grade watching the show on TV. The feeling of nostalgia is doubled with the Justice League helping out nearby.

Bryne captures just the right amount of silliness from both teams as this whole situation is kind of crazy if you think about for too long. This comes through in the wry smirks from the Flash and Zack or the suave looks from Bruce Wayne. Speaking of Bruce, there is an awesome scene towards the end where he stares down Bulk and Skull that is worth the price of admission alone.  Although I do question why Superman has five o’clock shadow. He looks a little weird.
Justice League / Power Rangers is a fun crossover that blends the best qualities of both groups. They approach super heroics very differently, but their goals are the same. Writer Tom Taylor has crafted a great story and fortunately, leaves things open for a follow-up series that I desperately want to see.
Justice League / Power Rangers #6 is currently available at your local comic shop and digitally through ComiXology and Amazon Kindle.

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