Broad City 4.3 Recap: It’s Party Time With Wealthy Ilana

by Gary Catig

We begin the episode with Abbi and Ilana walking outside of one of New York’s private parks, Gramercy Park. They soon encounter one of the hoity toity residents inside the park choking on his sandwich. Abbi is able to perform the Heimlich maneuver through the fence. All they want for saving his life is a tour of the park, but only a select few with a key are allowed in. The man begins choking again, but this time after being rejected, the two girls keep on walking and leave him to his fate.
After getting her new waitressing job, Ilana is flush with cash. She has gone on a spending spree including a new king-sized bed. She has so much cash that she can use her money as a blanket.  Her new wealth has come at a price, as she has worked seven double shifts in a row. Looking at her feet, she has almost literally worked herself to the bone. That is why when she finally has a day off, she wants to make the most of it. She spruces herself up by getting Obama-themed nail extensions (a reference to the episode’s title) and a new outfit for a party she is attending with Ilana and her roommate Jaimé.
Abbi has gone all in into her new romance with Mike the EMT. She wants to prove to herself that despite what Trey told her last episode, she is relationship material. She does not hesitate to tell everyone that she is dating whether it is adding her plus one for her company party or changing her voicemail message to she “is probably with her boyfriend Mike”. She even is willing to dish about her man like a giddy school girl with her roommate/sometime arch enemy, Bevers.

When they finally arrive at the party, Ilana continues her free spending ways by generously tipping the servers each time she grabs a drink. On the other hand, Abbi, still feeling the effects of her relationship high, can’t help but show pictures of her new man to her friends and tell potential suitors that she is already taken.  She even steps out of the party to text Mike since there is no reception in the apartment.

While Abbi had her run in with her ex the previous episode, Ilana has her encounter with hers in this one when she bumps into Lincoln (Hannibal Buress) and his current girlfriend. The stress is too much for her, and along with the combination of cheese, champagne and cocaine, causes her to lose control of her bowels and have an accident. Ever the gentleman, Lincoln helps Ilana out, in the bathroom and you can see the honest and sincere love they have for each other as he puts up with her shit to help her out. Afterwards, they depart and offer each other well wishes. It is at this moment that Ilana realized that there is no amount of money in the world that can buy something to replace the empty spot in her heart.
Abbi has a reality check of her own while she is out on a fire escape looking for reception. She sees a neighbor crying in a room and wants to console the woman. This woman is having marital problems and since now Abbi is an expert in love, she offers her expertise on relationships. At first the woman is open to the advice. However, it all goes downhill when she asks how long Abbi and Mike have been dating, a lengthy six days. Abbi does not even know his middle name or where he is from. The woman laughs in Abbi’s face and quickly dismisses her when she realizes she almost took guidance from a relationship neophyte. Abbi recognizes she was moving too fast with Mike and they break up at the end of the episode.
I don’t think this episode was as strong as the first two, as there was not as much comedy, but it was still a trip to see coked up, party Ilana. Also it was good to see Lincoln back, albeit for one episode.
Other interesting episode notes:

  • Abbi’s boss, played by Wanda Sykes, is the creative mind behind the Nike swoosh logo. She based it off of a woman’s anatomy and giggles every time she sees it.
  • Jaimé is uncircumcised and has been struggling with the idea of being cut (another reference to the episode title). He likes the sensations and feelings he receives sexually from not being circumcised, but does not like the hygienic problems his particular pH levels can cause.
  • Ilana’s room is decorated with all her political causes including support for Planned Parenthood, No to DAPL, and #NotMyPresident.

Broad City airs Wednesdays at 10:30 pm on Comedy Central.

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