NYCC ’17: Taking A Ride On Dangerboat

by James Ferguson

Amazon Prime Video had two large experiential booths at New York Comic Con for two of its newest shows, Lore and The Tick. I had a chance to check out the massive Dangerboat from The Tick. This is a structure to behold and you cannot miss it while walking the show floor. The interior includes a number of interactive sections. Fans can print up their own super hero ID, drive Dangerboat, and fill in their secret origins. Since I registered with an RFID chip, I just scanned my badge and these items were sent directly to my email. This was a similar experience to a Star Trek exhibit I saw at the Intrepid about a year ago.

Dangerboat greeted me right when I walked in and we made some small talk before he asked me to check things out. Everyone was greeted this way, but it was never the same way twice and it was always pretty funny. Other NYCC attendees were busy pressing every button they could find and learning more about the show. Segments from The Tick were playing on a screen in the center.
There were a number of hidden features within Dangerboat, although I will confess that I didn’t find any personally. I’m told there are certain buttons and switches that will allow you to control the lights and speak to the guests.

As a souvenir of the experience, I received a can of Fo-Ham. No, it wasn’t real food. Inside were some cool Tick enamel pins.
Before exiting Dangerboat, I tried out a green screen video feature. You can check that out below and yes, I look ridiculous.

The Tick booth was well worth checking out and fans were definitely interested judging by the long line waiting to get in. I like that Amazon put this experiential booth together instead of a typical show and tell setup. It allowed fans to get up close and personal and feel like they were part of the show. I left there wanting to watch The Tick right away and I’m sure I was not the only one.
The Tick is currently streaming on Amazon Prime Video. There are six episodes available at the time of this writing.

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