Nate Corddry Joins Locke And Key As Uncle Duncan

by Erik Amaya


Deadline reports that actor Nate Corddry has joined the cast of Hulu’s Locke and Key pilot.
He will play Uncle Duncan, described as helping his recently widowed sister-in-law Nina (Frances O’Connor) and her three kids adjust to life in Lovecraft, Massachusetts. He “does what he can to ease the family’s pain after his older brother’s murder, and he and his boyfriend, Brian Rogers, help Nina and the kids settle into the old family home.” But just as the kids learn about the house’s magical doorways, Duncan claims there’s nothing wrong with the Locke house. Of course, he might be omitting a few key details about the place.
Corddry, a veteran of Mom and Childrens Hospital, joins O’Connor and the previously announced Megan Charpentier and Jackson Robert Scott as Kinsey and Bode Locke.
In the previous FOX pilot, Duncan was played by Nick Stahl along side Miranda Otto’s Nina.
The new pilot, to be directed by It‘s Andy Andy Muschietti, stills needs to cast a few key roles; like older son Tyler, father Rendell (for flashbacks) and maybe two people to play villainous Dodge.
Should Hulu pick up this version, Lost‘s Carlton Cuse will also serve as showrunner, who will no doubt highlight Dodge’s abilities and origins.

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